Interactive Tour Following Musicians in Prague

Prague is a city that breathes and lives music, and it has always been like that.

My name is Marina Kantor, I am a pianist and live in Prague for the past 20 years. Prague is a amazing city for lovers of music and culture, one of the most prominent centers in Europe for creativity and arts.

When you stroll in the alleys of the city you can find many places where many of the best musicians have worked and are still active. During our tour we will learn about the experiences and inspiration of two of the most prominent musicians - Mozart and Beethoven. We will hear the stories behind the musicians and the works while touring the city. The tour is interactive and experiential, allowing us to imagine the composers walking the narrow streets between the ornate palaces and understanding their world.

Duration: 4 hours including a short break. The tour is by foot and passes through the alleys of Prague's Old Town, accompanied by listening to music mentioned.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, Czech

Order a tour through my mail: or call Mrs. Anat Segev at +420-725525426


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