The Joy of the Senses in Prague 

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A unique and exciting personal tours for lovers of culture in Prague: Art, Architecture, History and fantastic legends. 

Feel the creative energy of Prague and man's constant search for beauty and perfection. 


Come and join our tours guided by
Hagai Segev, Art historian and Curator

Visiting Prague for the first time? Would you like to experience Prague in all its charm?

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, a center of rich history, architecture and legendary figures. It is a city of passion, vivid colors and sparkle.

I'm Hagai Segev, a guide and art historian. Join me for an exciting tour of Prague.

Throughout my life, I breathe and live art and aesthetics. The magic of Prague attracted and fascinated me. I fell in love with the city and every day I'm enchanted by the endless beauty and charm of the city. It's a never-ending discovery, every day another fabulous story or legend.

Join me and experience this love for beauty and enchantment. Let's discover together the history and culture of the city. A 3-hour walk throughout the narrow alleyways and medieval streets, exploring 1000 years of architecture styles and local legends. The tour covers multidisciplinary perspectives of Prague: Architecture, history, art and design.

If you are looking for a special experience in Prague, contact me and we'll schedule a tour.

The best way to explore Prague is by foot, so please bring with you comfortable shoes. We'll have a short break for coffee or beer in one of the cafés. The tour is perfect for small groups up to 10 people. I can customize tours according to your interests.


Recommended Tours

The City Heart

- The New City - Nové Město (Waclav square)

- The Old City - Staroměstská

- The Jewish Town


The tour starts at the famous Waclav square, continues through passages in the old city, passes by the astronomical clock and ends at the old Jewish town. The tour focuses on architecture styles, historical ledgends and events.  

prague-- public domain2041008_1920

Castle and Royalty

- Prague Castle

- Lesser Town - Malostranská

- Charles Bridge


The tour starts at the Prague Castle, continues to the Lesser Town beneath the Castle, and ends at the magnificant Charles Bridge. The tour gives a perspective of the grand architecture of the castle and all its surroundings. 


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Prague is a fascinating city



The beauty is in the details. Each of Prague's buildings is a manifestation of the love for decoration and innovation in style. We will look up above street level and enjoy the fabulous styles of the architecture. Would you like to join me and open your eyes to beauty?



Prague is the heart of Europe. In the 14th Century, it was the political and cultural center of the entire Holy Roman Empire, where kings and clergy strove to invent a new mindset. The city developed into a vibrant economic and culture center. Would you like to walk the footsteps of the historical heroes?



The atmosphere of Prague attracted and inspired original authors, thinkers and scientists. Great emperors like Charles IV and Rudolf II were patrons of arts, and the city is rich with their treasures. Rabbi Loew, the creator of the Golem, the author Kafka and great composers lived in the city and formed its culture. Would you like to be part of that?


"Following the tour we found ourselves looking at the architecture in a new way. The tour opened our eyes and we enjoyed it very much."
"It was our second visit to Prague, and still, we found new sites and stories wherever we went with Hagai. It was an excellent tour and we will highly recommend it to our friends."
"Hagai has a real professional in art and architecture as well as in the history of Prague. We are very happy that we took him as our guide."